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How does it work?

Step 1: Contact Us

Contact us, and let us know the address of your interest. We’ll save you tons!

Step 2: E-Contract

We will send you an e-document for your buying offer or selling home. Just Sign up with a few clicks, and let us go to work.

Step 3: Save money with us

If buying offer is accepted, the buyer will earn a 1% REBATE at closing.
If you sell the house, the listing commission is just 3%. You save 2~3%.

Let’s Talk About Your Rebate

  • Do you SELL your House?
    We only charge 3% listing commission. This is a 3~4% reduction from the traditional broker fee.
  • Do you BUY House?
    Most sellers pay a proxy fee of 4-5% included in the house price. The sales representative and the purchasing agent share this fee in half.
  • Our unique program receives buyer agent fees and gives buyers up to 1% rebate on closing!
  • The company policy of the broker or contractor should be the same house price with or without an agent.
  • The seller does not lower the price by purchasing without an agency.
  • We’re fast, simple and 100% free! No service costs a penny! Our average rebate is over $10,000!
  • When you purchase a newly built house (including condominiums and townhouses), your rebate is added to any promotion, discount, upgrade, or builder’s incentive.


What we do

All our agents are experienced, licensed Realtors.  We do all about real estate.

Buyer Agent

We represent the buyer and negotiate and process the home buying process comfortably to the closing, and guide in every step in the proper way. And acquire the commission to offer the rebate to the buyer.

Seller Agent

We list the house on multiple listing sites with market price by seller’s decision, do open house, and guide the agents and customers. We collect the proper documents and communicate with the seller until the closing.

Property Management

Property management includes year-round maintenance such as tenant rent collection, landscaping, snow removal, and maintaining legal conditions for houses and commercial properties.

Working out with this realtor has been one of the best decisions I have ever made to sell my home. Really love the positive vibes and friendly atmosphere & specialty.


It was such an easy and smooth process to buy my condo. I received 8k at closing and it covered a lot of my closing fees. I’ll definitely come back to this site when I upgrade my house.


Are you a Realtor?

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